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Alena Scigliano

Alena Scigliano, Virginia Beach Therapist, Narcissistic Abuse Expert

Licensed Professional Counselor

Founder & CEO
Author, Speaker, & Media Consultant

Virginia Beach Therapy

Survivor-Victims of Narcissistic Abuse

Virginia Beach Therapy

Narcissistic Abuse &
Pathological Narcissism

Virginia Beach Therapy
Fees &

Not accepting new patients

How did I get

"I became a counselor because of my own experiences in counseling.  I wanted to help others change their lives, just as mine had.
Coastal Light Counseling was a vision that began during graduate school. It has been a blessing to be able to create something that can positively impact so many.

My career has now evolved into writing & speaking in order to educate the public about narcissistic abuse and the impacts of pathological narcissism within society "

Why do I do what
I do?

"Witnessing people transform their lives for the better is so rewarding.  And what more could I ask for than to be someone who helps them get there.  You know it's the right career when it doesn't feel like a job."

Who am I outside the

"In addition to being a psychotherapist, author, & speaker, I am a wife and mother of two teenagers.  We have a beautiful German Shepherd, Kyah, who is my retired therapy dog and counseling partner!  Being a spiritual person shapes who I am and my desire to serve others through counseling.  I believe in accepting, not judging, so welcoming and working with people from any faith or no faith, and not pushing my beliefs on them, is something I strongly value and a core foundation I have established for Coastal Light.

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