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Why You'll Love Coastal Light...

Work remotely from (almost) anywhere!


 Remote Positions Available! 

 We Offer Great Benefits! 

High Earning Potential & More! 

Employment Benefits

(average 30 sessions per week)

  • Medical Insurance

    • Practice pays for 50% of Premium​

  • Dental & Vision Insurance

    • Employee has the option to add and pay for the premium​

  • Short-term & Long-term Disability Insurance

    • Practice pays 100% of premiums​


  • Retirement - 401K​

    • Practice matches 100%, up to a 3% contribution​

    • Practice matches 50%, up to an additional 2% contribution

Coastal Light doesn't just provide therapy, it is changing the world...

 Our Vision...

Our vision is to be a powerful change agent, guiding others in releasing judgment and embracing love, in order to undo destructive fear that is the source of unnecessary conflict, both internally and interpersonally.

Our Mission...

Coastal Light's mission is to bring light to the world by embodying the energy of love and being present in a spirit of joy, compassion, and humility, in order to heal the hurting and inspire others to make meaningful change in their lives.

Benefits of choosing to work at Coastal Light Counseling






  • The opportunity to be part of a new and revolutionary practice in counseling, breaking barriers and working outside of the box, incorporating modern & innovative ways of providing counseling.

  • Independence & flexibility in scheduling & modes of therapy you choose to offer, i.e. separate online therapy offices, Walk & Talk Therapy, yoga-incorporated therapy, teletherapy, EMDR collaboration, etc.

  • Feeling connected to other kind and caring therapists.

  • Plug & Play systems!  It has all been thought of, tested, & works!  You don't have to start from scratch, spending countless hours researching & figuring out what is legal & what isn't, what works & what doesn't!

  • A supportive, kind, and loving place to work...even when working remotely from one another!

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Extensive, specialized systems​ have been created just for Coastal Light Counseling & implemented to make every aspect of working at Coastal Light as simple & straightforward as possible.


  • As much guidance and support as you need to be fully comfortable using SimplePractice, or handling any other aspects of our practice management

  • Guidance & Training on the ins & outs of billing health insurance, to make it simple and easy for you - all done within a few clicks

  • System setup & Guidance provided in credentialing & income growth


  • Peer training & consultation with other highly qualified and experienced counselors in the practice

  • In-house referral network

  • Established collaborative relationships, including referrals, with Primary Care Providers located nearby

  • Practice Profile on


  • Sophisticated, user-friendly

  • Integrated online scheduling for patients to see availability in real-time and be able schedule an appointment, not just request one

  • Ability for potential patients to fill out a uniquely created & customized forms to help ensure they are being connected with the therapist who is the best fit for them, allowing patients and therapists to feel more comfortable moving forward

  • Regularly updated forms & website

Online EHR & Practice Management System 

  • Access to personal account, HIPAA-secure web-based software to handle all aspects of practice management:

  • Electronic health record

  • Secure messaging with patients, communication similar to texting but automatically saved to be able to access from record whenever needed

  • Progress notes templates or create your own

  • Telehealth platform, extremely easy & reliable for counselor & patient use

  • Simple claims filing

  • Easy & quick billing

  • Management of your own schedule

  • Easy ways to provide intake forms, assessments, etc. directly to patients, which are automatically incorporated into the patient’s file

  • Patient portal

Benefits of our Practice Management Support