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For Virginia Individual Therapy Patients

Network Status & Payments

Select vs Prime

  • TRICARE has approved us as 
Non-Network Certified TRICARE Mental Health Counselors
  • You pay up front, we submit the claim for you, and TRICARE sends you a reimbursement check.  (Processed & paid within a few days for most patients)
  • TRICARE will NOT pay for marriage/couples counseling

  • TRICARE Select does NOT require a referral
  • TRICARE Prime DOES require a referral to see our counselors, if you want TRICARE to pay the entire cost.

  • Without a referral TRICARE Prime patients can use their "Prime Point-of-Service (POS) option".  You will be responsible for paying any outstanding POS deductible + 50% of the Tricare allowable charge.

  • Use this page to help you figure out your TRICARE costs

TRICARE Prime & need a referral?

Contact your Primary Care Manager (PCM)

Steps to submit a request at

Ask your PCM to submit a Referral Request to receive psychotherapy services at Coastal Light Counseling

*Make sure they search for and select Coastal Light instead of the first in-network provider that pops up.*

Create an account or log in

Click "Messaging"
(If needed, create a 2nd account in the new window)

Under "Subject" select
Patient > PCM > Referral

Potential issues with PCM's
& how to address them

"You don't need a referral"

Reiterate that we are non-network, which means that you absolutely do need a referral so that you won't have to use the point-of-service option

"You need to use a network provider"

Inform them that TRICARE has approved nearly every referral to our practice and ask them to submit the request anyway.

(It's up to TRICARE whether or not to approve a referral, not your PCM.)

In case you need help getting the referral approved, you can ask your PCM to include a reason in the "notes" section of the referral request to explain why you want to specifically see a provider at our practice.


Here are some examples:

  • A clinician at Coastal Light specializes in something no one else does locally.

  • Any other local clinicians who do specialize in your concern do not have availability.

  • You have already been seen at least once at Coastal Light (this often makes a big difference in referral approval).

  • A family member is already seen here, so for logistical reasons, it's much easier to stay at the same facility.

  • You have been unsuccessful in being able to schedule an appointment with other local providers within the next 30 days, and we have much sooner availability.  (If that is the case)

Need to be seen before you can get an appointment with your PCM?

Your PCM can backdate the referral request to the date of your first appointment.
There is no guarantee that any referral will be approved by TRICARE, but if it isn't, your Point-of-Service benefits will reimburse you for 50% of the session fees after your deductible.
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