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Lauren Thomas

Lauren Thomas, Coastal Light, Virginia Beach Therapist

Licensed Professional Counselor
EMDR Therapist

Individual Therapy for Patients located in Virginia

New Patient Availability:

Virginia Beach Therapy

Young Adults

Virginia Beach Therapy

Trauma Recovery
Stress Management
Life Transitions

Virginia Beach Therapy
Fees &

Private Pay 
$175 Individuals

Out-of-Network Insurance

How did I get

"While from a young age I knew I wanted my purpose in life to be found in the service of others, I didn’t always know I wanted to be a psychotherapist. In college I had interests in psychology, sociology, communications, and social justice, and had experiences with mental healthcare. Pursuing a career in clinical mental health counseling allowed me to blend my academic interests with my passion for connecting with others."

Why do I do what
I do?

"It is my greatest honor to be fully present with someone as they share their life, stories, & experiences. Every person deserves to be seen, heard, and valued exactly as they are. We all need to be met with empathy in order to explore & grow. I am grateful for the trust in providing this space & forming such an impactful connection. The therapeutic relationship is one of the few spaces we can be fully and authentically human."

Who am I outside the

"I am an avid reader, beach-goer, traveler, hiker, and life-long learner. While I greatly enjoy my hobbies, my relationships with others bring me the greatest fulfillment, and I have a strong community of family and friends in Virginia. I smile often as I welcome joy in small everyday moments. I seek to foster change outside of the therapy room through my involvement with advocacy, climate change action, and volunteer work."

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